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"Renne is excellent in preparing Tax Returns, and I was impressed the work she did. She is experienced and educated, and she understands your tax needs. She prepared my return very diligently and also helped me correct a lot of mistakes on my previous tax return. I also heard about a lot of other client’s great experiences in accounting and bookkeeping. She is great at her work and would strongly recommend her services."  Vikas N.

"Renne has knowledge and experience as an Accountant. I am working with her for over eight years when she used to work with another CPA firm. I am paying now less than what I used to pay to another CPA firm. I am happy to have her my accountant because I know my business is in good hands". Pams V.

Acct-Tech did an awesome job, filing my taxes. Renne is very professional and ready to help in whatever way possible. I would definitely recommend acct-tech services to a friend. Tapasya

Renne did the fantastic job filling in my returns 2016. I already got my federal and state returns. After reading the below experience I am sure you will know why I say so......

Last year (2015)I filed my returns from H&R block and they screwed that up. Last year I received a query on federal returns which was replied back by H&R. To my surprise, I found that the reply submitted was incomplete and so was rejected. I again went to H&R and then only the final response with proper documents could be submitted. This delayed the money back by federal by whopping 8 months. State returns filed by H&R block god only knows what they did, that I am yet to get that $800 dollar back. When I went to them to help me out I got the response you need to go to state tax office in Denver. Rahul